When I founded Peters Writing Services, Inc. in 1999, the world of writing was totally different. Even the way we wrote our sentences was different!

Writing has come a long way over the last 2 decades—and readers have shorter attention spans than ever. The strategy of getting someone to read a document (or respond to an email) has become very sophisticated.

My little team and I have spent 20 years crafting new techniques for making very, very technical documents faster and easier to read—even for today’s audience, who has very little time.

And I love sharing those techniques in my super fun, fast-paced classes and books!



My small team of writers and graphic designers has written just about everything over the past 20 years—from audit manuals, to annual reports, to training manuals, to web content, to blogs, and white papers. Heck, we’ve even been hired to write tweets!

We’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to write these docs for all types of organizations, all over the globe—like the U.S. Army, Russell Stover, U.S. Strategic Command, Broadway, Red Robin, Lindt, Bank of the West, Sprint, Applebee’s, the EPA, and more.

I also love training people how to write better, faster, easier—and have trained over 10,000 executives, military officers, marketing specialists, and entrepreneurs in writing techniques, content, marketing, and leadership.


Along the way, I’ve also published 3 books, including The Quick-and-Easy Website and The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit—plus a good 350+ articles on writing, business, leadership, and web content.

And even though I live and work in the Kansas City area today, my heart is still on the East Coast, where I grew up and attended college—because let’s face it, they have the best Italian food and seafood. I’m now teaching my 2 kiddos, Zack and Alexa, to appreciate the joys of the Maine coast when we fly back in summer to visit my mom, my brothers, and their wives and kids.

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